Painting has been my passion since I was little.  In recent years, painting has become a practice more than a talent.  I’ve found my path to healing, joy, presence, and purpose while putting paint down, stroke by stroke.   Now I want to share that with you..  

Go ahead, take a look and let me know if you have any Q’s or C’s.. I’d love to hear from you..

Purchase an Original

Is your space is in need of something personal, vibrant, healing, or joyful to provide that nourished feeling?  

Browse through my paintings to see what pops out at you!  

Contact me for acquisition information (online shop opening soon)..

You can have that special piece in place in no time at all! 


Commission work is art that I create specifically for you.  There are so many ways we can work together to create something personal, a few examples include:

  • healing intentional painting
  • intuitive abstract
  • meditation painting

Commission work requires the sharing of stories/dreams/desires as well as reference materials.  These sessions are done over email and a phone call and then I create your one of a kind piece.

Forgiveness Project

Life is too short to be held back because of something in our past.

  • For victims of abuse of any kind
  • I’ll create a painting that allows a path towards forgiveness
  • Stories shared will be held deeply and sacredly
  • We will develop a composition to help you find release

what Happy clients say

“We love the paintings we bought!  They are a wonderful addition to our art collection.”

Lucinda and Sam Quattrochi | Collectors

“I am very impressed with the samples you have shown. You have a knack for delivering energy, motion, color and contrast that is visually stunning.”

John Frenzl | Collector

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