Plein Air – Nature.  An early morning start: 5:30am

A bit about me..

I’m inspired by nature. All things fresh, green, blue, red, brown, earthy..  

The smell of pines, rain, flowers, animal “stuff” let’s say, I love it all!!

I absolutely love being outside. Can we go out now??  Maybe I’m already outside – ha!

I’m so grateful to live in and be a native of Colorado. A long time ago, I spent 10 years (ages 14-24) out of state, mostly in Michigan and 1 year in Connecticut (for my dietetic internship at Yale)…  All gorgeous green places.  But nothing beats the Colorado mountains.

My husband and I love to hike, mountain bike, alpine ski, camp, backpack (carry our camping on our backs), and adventure wherever our hearts take us.   We even went hiking in Switzerland and biking in France a few years ago, now that was amazing..

We are raising our daughter to love nature too, and she does!  She was on skis at 18 months (we had to carry her) and now at age 8, she can ski anything pretty much.


Also, she has been backpacking with us since she was 5!  As a result, this past summer she made it all the way up to Blue Lake in the Mount Sneffels Wilderness area- a spectacular spot.  Let me know if you need directions- I’ll send them your way.

My studio mate is my 100+ pound puppy, Lucia.  She’s a natural lover of all things Colorado.  She is a Bernese Mountain dog by the way..  Cutest ever..  She keeps me company while plugging along in the studio..

Consequently, I haven’t taken her out plein air painting yet (painting on site like the top pictures show). She’s too big and too puppy still, she’d likely knock everything over trying to lay on my lap or give me a hug.

That’s me in a nutshell, how about you- what fills you up, nature, music, food (of course) or maybe sleep, air, water, or simply love?
Comment below or ask for those directions to Blue Lake- it’s worth the hike!

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