I create art to find myself, to heal old wounds, to discover new emotions, new experiences, new energy within my cells that nurtures the love and heals the pain that we all have inside of us. 

I am free to express all of this in my work, creating feelings outside of my own body, to share with others in hopes that they too will feel something, anything, and know that they too are here on this planet to love and experience life deeply and fully.   For me, being an Artist is my journey to becoming my true Self.

A little about my process…

Do you have a sacred practice or ritual?  Are you a creature of habit?  

I know for a long time, I wondered if people would think I’m crazy for getting up so early to just sit.  Lately tho, I’m seeing more and more spiritual practices being accepted into the western culture I live in..  

I keep a precious ritual that allows me to go deep and find that place within myself that resonates as true.  I love early mornings to be still, quiet and just breathe. 

My morning meditation practice settles me into a place where the ideas flow.  Then I write…  I write and I write and I just keep writing..  And, then I paint..

This brings me to a place where I am more so listening to the messages and reacting with the colors and shapes, excited to see what comes next.

This process is immensly healing.

I was searching…

I’ve spent 20+ years in the corporate work force.  I’ve worked in a traumatic brain injury rehab hospital, ran a nursing home kitchen and worked my way up as a Strategic National Account Executive with the worlds largest food manufacturer.  I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist by formal training.  

Recently, I’ve taken a deep look at what I really love about life, and it’s nourishing both the body and the soul.  I have read and own hundreds of self help, spiritual, art and creativity books.  I’ve taken numerous courses on meditation, being present, creating the life of your dreams type stuff.  I could say I’ve been (and likely still am) addicted to learning.

We are all searching for what helps us be our true selves.  We are searching to live in a way that makes us feel good.  Are you searching too?  I believe we all are and we forever will be.

So, if you are seeking something to help you along the way too, maybe you’ll find it here.  I hope so anyway..  I’m constantly looking to combine my love to paint with my deep desire to connect to the divine and to those around me.  I’m happy you are here….  Thank you…



2017   Gathering of the Guilds – Colorado Arts and Crafts Society Exhibit, Golden, CO

2017   Emergence – A 3 Woman Art Experience, Westminster, CO

2017   Member’s Show – Foothills Art Center, Golden, CO

2016   Tap Room – Juried show at Westminster Brewery, Westminster, CO

2016   Treasures and Miracles – Juried show at Mile Hi Church, Lakewood, CO

2016   World of Mini Art – Juried show by the Broomfield Artists Guild, Broomfield, CO

2016   Gathering of the Guilds – Colorado Arts and Crafts Society Exhibit, Golden, CO

2016   The Art of Nature – Juried show at Mile Hi Church, Lakewood, CO

2015   Garage Painters – Golden Pilates Studio group show, Golden, CO



2017   Figures and Portraits, Art Student’s League Denver, Clyde Steadman

2015   Plein Air Painting workshop, Stacey Peterson Fine Art

2014   Painterly Painting, Art Student’s League Denver, Ken Valastro

2014   Color Theory, Foothills Art Center, Stephen Quiller

2012   Studio Landscapes, Art Students League Denver, Doug Dawson

2009   Impressionistic Painting, Arvada Arts Center, Chuck Ceraso

2007   Watercolor 3-4, Denver Art Museum

2006   Watercolor 1-2, Denver Art Museum

1997   Dietetic Internship, Registered Dietitian Certification, Yale University

1996   BA Dietetics, Michigan State University


How do we listen to and stay in conversation with all that is beyond our awareness

Mark Nepo

we are all on a journey

Love Notes

here’s what happy collectors say

There are people that come into your life and forever change you. Nikki is this kind of person. Nikki brings her heart to everything she does. You can feel it when you spend time with her and you can see and feel it in her artwork. I have personally grown from knowing Nikki. Her art is literally filled with her love. I am forever inspired from knowing Nikki.

Gina Barry | Art Mastermind Colleage and Illustrator

Nikki has a big, beautiful heart and she puts that heart into everything she does: she makes decisions coming from a place of love and understanding, and she infuses that love into her artwork. Her work is cheerful and relaxed at the same time, just like Nikki! When I pass her artwork in my home, I feel like she is giving me a big hug.

Jenny Goring | Collector, Fine Artist

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