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There are people that come into your life and forever change you. Nikki is this kind of person. Nikki brings her heart to everything she does. You can feel it when you spend time with her and you can see and feel it in her artwork. I have personally grown from knowing Nikki. Her art is literally filled with her love. I am forever inspired from knowing Nikki.

Gina Barry | Art Mastermind Colleage and Illustrator

“I am very impressed with the samples you have shown. You have a knack for delivering energy, motion, color and contrast that is visually stunning.”

John Frenzl | Collector

Nikki’s empathy, strength, and connection to nature and the human spirit not only shine through in her artwork, but are ever-present in the way she lives her life.

Her paintings reach far beyond just a pretty picture. The early layers of her paintings are built upon words of love and meditation focused on healing. Her vibrant and bright palate matches her personality, and the dance of color and contrast in her paintings for me represent organic happiness.

Nikki is a true source of light in this world, and her artwork reflects that light beautifully. 

Julie Leidel | Collector, Artist and Owner of The Bungalow Craft

“We love the paintings we bought!  They are a wonderful addition to our art collection.”

Lucinda and Sam Quattrochi | Collectors

Nikki has a big, beautiful heart and she puts that heart into everything she does: she makes decisions coming from a place of love and understanding, and she infuses that love into her artwork. Her work is cheerful and relaxed at the same time, just like Nikki! When I pass her artwork in my home, I feel like she is giving me a big hug.

Jenny Goring | Collector, Fine Artist

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